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About Me 


Hi! I'm an award-winning professional writer and author. I've love working with wonderful clients around the world, writing science, medical, business & sports-focused articles, blogs & white papers.


To date, I've published five non-fiction books with Taylor & Francis, one of the worlds' leading academic publishers, across the fields of politics, business & finance. My debut novel, Upload, was recently released and is now available in hardback, alongside paperback and e-book formats.

I earned my PhD from Loughborough University in 2006 and prior to writing full time, I spent many happy years as an academic, delivering lectures and helping talented young people to achieve their potential. I still lecture from time to time, and recently delivered the leadership module of the TEE executive MBA programme in the beautiful city of Cluj, Romania. Earlier this month, I travelled to the picturesque country of the Philippines to deliver a keynote on the value of storytelling.

I have a great love of science, and I am particularly interested in the way that our neurology and physiology drive our emotions and decisions. This interest has shaped, and continues to shape, much of what I write today.

Interested in working with me? Visit my Contact page and drop me a line today!

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