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Upload: Check Out the Five Star Reviews!

Here are the first pre-release reviews for Upload, hot off the press!

"If you were Rex, Annalise or Spencer, would you risk it all and go against the mighty Levanter? If you were Alexander Van Reese, would you walk the dangerous line of working with the devil to pursue higher ambitions even if it means risking the safety of your own flesh and blood? If you were Professor Grayling, would you take the same path to protect the future you hold dear?

Upload is a page turner from start to finish. Whether you lean towards science or more towards faith, your idea of truth and possibility will definitely be stimulated by what's inside this book. I am a fan from across the miles of who you are as a writer, Ms. Zehndorfer. Looking forward to more books from you."   - Noli Ayo, Bestselling author, Winning Still


"What a brilliant read! I love thrillers, I love adventure and I love a great storyline, so this was always going to be right up my street! It's written with that vivid, striking, intelligent quality that had me completely engrossed from start to finish. The pitching of science and religion in the modern-day pursuit of power while capturing the very best and worst of people on such a visceral level makes for a fiercely entertaining and gripping read. This is going to end up on a screen - I'm sure of it. Trust me and read it before it gets there!"    - Adrian O'Connor 

                                                                                                                                                      "Upload is Elesa Zehndorfer’s first novel. I was familiar with her many academic titles already, but was pleasantly surprised by this major shift in genre, style and pace. This book gripped me from the moment I started to read - it is genuinely hard to put down. The characters in the book are very vivid, ranging from dark & sinister, sometimes even deranged, to brave and courageous. Upload is a classic tale of good against evil in a chilling, somewhat futuristic, yet worryingly contemporary, setting. Just brilliant." - Anonymous reviewer 


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