I was awarded a PhD from the Institute of Sport & Leisure Policy at Loughborough University in 2006. I have a great passion for writing about the role of physiology in driving and shaping our political and social realities, and in directing our health & happiness. As a writer and researcher, I am proud that my books have been critically well-received and that they can be found in the libraries of some of the worlds leading academic institutions, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, LSE and Duke.


I have also lectured for many years, and carry an enduring passion for sport & physiology, finance, politics and research philosophy. In addition to writing books, I often undertake academic research contracts for universities, and regularly contribute to news and lifestyle articles as an expert across a range of publications. Recent contributions include BBC News online,  BBC Radio 4, Vice, Fatherly, BravoTV, Psychology Today, Mensa magazine, ILM's Edge magazine, Muscle & Fitness and Inquisitr.


To read more about my books, including reviews, a link to purchase and synopses, please click on the book icons below. Email me at: comments@elesazehndorfer.com.

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