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Check out the links below for a selection of my recent work. Please contact me directly for a more detailed portfolio.

Psychology Today: Check out my latest blog (Political Animals & Animal Spirits). The blog post was selected by Psychology Today as an Essential Topic in Behavioural Economics. How Midterm Election Results Can Hurt Your Profits

As a Pilates coach and PT, I love writing fitness-themed articles, like this one for The Sports Edit: The Best Online Pilates Workouts | The Sports Edit

Upload, my debut novel, is attracting some great five-star reviews! Check it out on Amazon and Goodreads today.

Much of my writing focuses on American politics, but I also focus on British governance issues too. One of the articles that I most enjoyed writing in this vein was a book chapter for the Emerald Insight academic journal Public Leadership in Crisis? titled Michael Gove, Charismatic Leadership and the Radical Reorganisation of English School Sport | Emerald Insight

I'm proud to have written a chapter for 'Rethinking Leadership for a Green World' (2022; Ed. Andrew Taylor) titled The Weaponisation of Climate Change: Environmental Leadership in the Age of Trump. Order your copy here: Rethinking Leadership for a Green World - 1st Edition - Andrew Taylor (

I love writing sports focused content, particularly where there is a powerful crossover to business (the focus of my PhD, in fact). Here's one of my favourites that I got to write - an article titled Lessons from the Locker Room that I authored for the Institute of Leadership & Management's Edge Summer 2018 magazine (pp. 43-45.) Edge Summer 2018 by LID Business Media - Issuu 

I was recently funded by the Philippine Olympic Commission to visit the beautiful island of Palawan to deliver a keynote speech on the value of storytelling. It was a wonderful event attended by many luminaries in the field of sport, including many former Olympic champions. Proof that the magic of stories can transport us around the world!

My fifth title for Routledge - Leadership (2nd Edition): Performance Beyond Expectations can be found in the libraries of some of the world's leading academic institutions - and it is now attracting some great early five-star reviews on Amazon!

Politics Today: We are living through tumultuous times, often powered by propaganda. To find out more, check out Maskirovka: The Weaponizing of Misinformation | Psychology Today

It was a genuine pleasure to co-deliver the leadership module on the TEE Executive MBA in Romania earlier this year. Find out more here!

Is it really irrational to bid as a host country for the Olympic Games? Economic data indicates that it is! Check out my published journal article on the topic here: 

[PDF] The Olympic Bid Cycle as a form of irrational investing: An application of Minskyian theory | Semantic Scholar

I always love attending, and speaking at, Mensa events like this one: Dr Elesa Zehndorfer | British Mensa

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